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Like many other casino games casino poker is served by the dealer, who is in charge of dealing the casino poker cards and often plays against casino visitors. Casino poker is closely associated with specific equipment necessary for the gaming process. For example, every casino with a poker casino games option has a casino poker table with special fields and marks. Besides, there is a substitute for the money wagered – colored casino poker chips that correspond to different denominations of money.

Casino poker is becoming increasingly popular at the moment. Thousands of casino games players flock to the major gambling destinations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau, to spend their leisure time indulging in casino poker. Unlike internet casino games or poker gaming at home, casino poker has some particular features, which provide casino games with tentative and thrilling environment.

Casino poker game starts with a shuffle and cut of the deck and then the casino poker players ante before the dealer deals a card. To ante, each casino poker player is required to put a small amount of money, usually a percentage of the minimum bet, into the pot.

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There are different numbers of betting rounds in different casino poker games. During each round of casino poker, betting moves clockwise around the table and players can either check, call, raise, or fold. There are two different types of casino poker games: draw poker and stud poker. In draw casino poker you can draw new cards from the deck after the initial cards are dealt, your casino poker cards are usually dealt face down, and you bet after receiving your initial cards and after you draw new cards. In stud casino poker games, you play with your initially dealt cards, some cards are face down and some are face up, and you bet after each new face up card is dealt and after the last face down card is dealt.

Both of casino poker games can involve either five or seven cards, and can be played in one of two ways: high or high/low. When casino poker games are played high, the highest hand wins the pot. When casino poker games are played high/low, the pot is split between the person with the highest hand and the person with the lowest hand.

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